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Yes, I Started a Blog.

So today, February 26, 2011, I decided to start a blog. Why? Well, I love to write! I also always have opinions about stuff, and I like people to know about them.

If you’re reading this, then I feel incredibly honored that you would take time out of your life to read a little about me!

Probably the best part about this whole blogging thing is the fact that I have my NAME in a WEB ADDRESS. That’s sweet. So if you’re ever looking for something to do, and you’ve got internet access, go to!! Oh yes!!

This blog will literally be my mind typed out–which can probably get scary at times. A good kind of scary…I think.

I want this blog to ultimately be, well, “For His Glory.” I want everything I do, say, and even type to glorify my Savior in EVERY way possible.

Unfortunately, I’m a little busy with school and life in general, so I have no idea how often this will be updated. But please keep checking back! You never know what you’ll learn about me.

Yours Truly,

Anna Schaeffer


4 thoughts on “Yes, I Started a Blog.”

  1. You said that (one of) the best parts is having your name be in the web address, but for only $17 a year, it could BE the web address:

    Also, this is a really cool website, and a really cool series of stories/posts.


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