God Talks

Let the Son shine!


I absolutely love this picture! I took it just before sun set. I don’t know about you, but when I look at this picture, I see the hand of God. Not literally, of course, but I see evidence of it. I mean, just look at how everything reflects so perfectly on the water – it’s like a copy of the actual thing. Look at how beautiful the trees are, even though it’s winter! Which brings me to my point: Without the warmth from the setting sun shining through the trees, they would just look like a bunch of sticks stuck in the ground without leaves or color. But because the sun is shining through them, they become a lot more interesting – and beautiful – and they make a reflection on the water.

This is like us. Without the SON (Jesus), we are dull, dark, and lifeless, but when we let Him shine THROUGH us, incredible things happen! All of a sudden, we become beautiful! We look completely different than we did before. Where there were once signs of death, now there are signs of life! And you know what else? When we really let the SON shine through us, our lives become a reflection of God’s glory. When we truly live for Him, we can’t keep our joy to ourselves – we’ve got to share it. We’ve got to show others what we’re all about.

Just like how the dull trees become radiant when the sun shines through and reflect what it’s done to them, when WE let the SON shine through us, we become radiant and reflect what God’s done to US.

So let me challenge you to let the SON shine through you! Be like the trees! Realize that, without God, you’re seriously lacking, but with Him, you are beautiful and radiate His love to others!

BE a difference!


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