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“You Are Still Lord”

I write songs. Believe it or not, I’ve written quite a few over the years. However, with very few exceptions, I keep them to myself. Whenever I write a song, I don’t go up to one of my friends and say, “Guess what, I wrote a new song and I think it’s pretty great!” because I don’t think my songs are that great. That’s not what’s important anyway. I write songs as a way to worship God. They are for His glory and His praise, and I pray that they never become anything more. At the same time, though, I want to use what God inspires me to do to help others draw closer in their relationship with Him. Even though I don’t usually share my song-writing work, I would like to introduce you to a song that I wrote late last year. I want to share this, not to show off my skills (you’d probably still be trying to find them a week later!), but because it pretty much sums what life can be like sometimes, and although I don’t know exactly who is reading this, I think you’ve probably felt this way before, too. It’s basically about being confused and heartbroken and not knowing which way to turn. You’re lost and you feel distant from God. Part of you wants to follow the world’s advice because it’s easier, but the other half of you knows you need God and wants to be close to Him again. It’s a cry out to God that lets Him know you feel very, very weak. At the same time, it’s an acknowledgement that, even though you’ve never been more confused in your life, He is still in control, and He is still Lord. This song has a tune, but its lyrics are the most important part to me. After all, God’s in the business of taking the simple and insignificant and turning it into something great.

So, here goes nothin’…

“You Are Still Lord”

V1 Your plan, I can’t understand.

Your will, I can’t comprehend

And Your purpose, does not make much sense to me at all,

So I fall…

At Your feet again,,

Pleading You’ll let me in.

Wondering why, as I cry out to You, My King,

I plead.

Ch My heart is torn between You and the world. The waves are knockin’ me down.

But You are still Lord, even in the ocean’s roar, even when the storm is all around,

You are still Lord.

So I cry Abba, Father, come to my rescue now.

Jesus, Savior, I’m lost and I need to be found. I need to be found.

V2 Your grace, I can’t feel.

Your light, doesn’t seem real.

And Your mercy, does not make much sense to me at all.

So I call…

Out Your name again.

Pleading You’ll let me in.

Craving Your touch, as I reach out for You, my King.

I plead.

Repeat Chorus –

Ending. I need to be found,

‘Cause I’m lost in the crowd.

My heart is torn,

I can’t weather the storm anymore, oh Lord.


My heart is torn between You and the world. The waves are knocking me down.

But You are still Lord, even in the ocean’s roar, even when the storm is all around.

You are still Lord.


~Anna Schaeffer
June 28, 2010


3 thoughts on ““You Are Still Lord””

  1. Beautiful honesty, Anna. Can you hear this song in your head – as in a tune? It would be so neat to hear this set to music. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us – whoever “we” are…. It does encourage others & direct us to God. Please keep sharing!


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