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A List (Creative Title, I know)

It’s bloggin’ time! It’s been a while, ‘cause I’ve been busy, but everyone is busy, so I won’t go into a discussion of my busyness. So tonight as I was trying to decide what to blog about, I thought I’d share a list of things I came up with while washing the dishes after dinner. Random? Yes. Surprising since this is coming from Anna Schaeffer? Not so much. Ok, so here’s a list of the current most over-used words (in my opinion) that people say on a daily basis. I will more than likely be updating this several times, so let me know if you’ve got a word/phrase I’ve left off!

**NOTE** I don’t have anything against these words. In fact, I catch myself saying most of them a LOT!


1. Love

2. Legit

3. Epic

4. Just sayin’

5. Fail

6. Awesome

7. For Real

8. Beast

9. No Offense

10. Literally


3 thoughts on “A List (Creative Title, I know)”

  1. i thought of some!
    no way!
    justtt kidding
    it’s ASU, what did you expect?
    ….that’s all i could come up with right now. [i’ve only had one cup of coffe this morning. just think of how many i could come up with if i have two! :)]


  2. I have a few that a few people at schol say, but they are a given. I’ve told them to stop (I don’t like it) but they’re just jerks:
    boooooooom headshot,
    *************** ************** ******** ****************,
    oh my god,
    ************************** ********* ***************,
    If only the whole school was like me, there wouldn’t be vulgar language.


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