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I’m Back!

Hi, blog readers! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t written in about a month and a half, but I’ve missed the opportunity to post my thoughts more than I ever thought I would. As I would go about my day, I would think, “Oh, wow, I want to post that!” but I never did. Why? Well, I’ve had a couple of things going on since March, including (but not limited to): end-of-semester school assignments, final exams, a birthday, and some other big life events.  Because of all these crazy things, I decided to take a short break from blogging.  Before my little hiatus, I actually wrote several blogs, but for some reason, none of them seemed right to post. I’ve still got them, though, so they may make an appearance one day. I also hope to post a reflection of the past year sometime soon, but my mind is still trying to sort through all the things that have taken place, so that I can begin to decide what details to include in my post. Pretty much what all of this means is that more blogs are coming – soon! School is out for the summer now, and believe me, I’ve got a LOT I’ve been wanting to say! So keep checking back whenever you get the chance, because I’m planning to begin updating this thing pretty regularly.



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