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Summer Stuff

Sooooo….Last time I posted I told you to expect many, many blogs this summer. Well, summer’s gone and I haven’t posted since May. I never forgot about the ol’ blog, but I decided to spend this summer living…I’ll explain in a second. But now that school starts back two weeks from today, my life will be getting back into some sort of a routine and I’ve got lots of material to post.

I can’t go long without writing something of some sort. I just can’t. It’s like I’m not really being myself if I’m not creating. This summer, I channeled the majority of my creative energy into working on my novel. If my sisters read this, they’ll probably laugh, because I’ve been working on my novel for, well, several years. It’s just that, when I’m in school, “fun" writing has to take the back seat. I’ve spent hours brainstorming, so this summer I spent time actually writing the story. It’s still not done, but it’s definitely made progress. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ll tell you about my book; if I say what it’s about, I’ll lose my inspiration and determination to finish it. Weird? Maybe.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, yes. I spent a bunch of time reading for fun! I’ve probably read more books this summer than in the past three years of my life combined! I decided to explore new authors and a couple of autobiographies. It’s been an adventure, and reading makes me more determined to work on that book of mine.

About the part where I said I wanted to spend this summer “living”: When I wasn’t reading, I was interacting with people. I went on a mission trip (which I won’t describe now, since it may pop up in its own post one of these days), and helped lead the worship rallies in my church’s VBS (possibly another post), and put in extra hours at work (no need to blog about that!). Other than that, I spent priceless time with my sisters. All three of them. In two weeks, one of them will be moving up north to go to college, and when that happens, life will never be the same again. I’ve been learning to enjoy every moment spent with the people I love, because life is always changing from one moment to the next. That’s another thing I’ll probably post about soon.

Finally, I spent this summer in constant awe of God. He’s taught me lessons I didn’t even know I needed to learn, and He’s seen me through some challenging times. He’s shown me pieces of Himself in many different ways, and through one particular Scripture verse I hope to share with you soon.

So there’s a quick recap of why I haven’t been blogging. As I write this, I realize I’ve got about a month’s worth of things to share, so that’s some good news. And man, does it feel good to be blogging again! It’s that drive to write I was talking about earlier; it’s a part of who I am, and I can’t ignore it.

If there’s anything for you to remember about this post, it’s this (other than check back for another post soon!): Spend some time reflecting over Summer 2011. If you’re anything like me, as you do that you’ll realize things you didn’t notice before. It’s the little things that add up to make life so much fun. If you’ve got a relationship with Christ, He’ll probably show you where He’s been working in your life this summer, too. When God’s been doing things in your life – whether they seem big or small – it’s hard not to honestly say you’ve had a great summer break!



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