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Summer Check List

I’ve decided to make the most of my summer! The first month of summer vacation was spent in classes, so now I’ve got two full months left.

Thus, there are things I want to accomplish, including:

1) Learn to play guitar. My sisters are currently one-upping me on this, plus, I’ve always wanted to be able to play.

2) Learn to drive stick-shift. Both of my parents and one of my sisters know how this works, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some lessons from somebody.

3) Make some money somehow, some way. Poor college kid, you know.

4) Wrap up the first draft of my novel.

5)Change the knobs on my dressers. Seriously, I’m currently using a screwdriver to pry open two of the drawers because their handles fell off. Gonna go all DIY this summer.

6) Read like crazy! I’ve almost got ten novels under my belt already, so I’m hoping to keep up the pace and make up for time I lose during the semester.

7) Read at least one classic book. Last summer I read Little Women for the first time, so this summer I’m tackling Jane Eyre.

8) Exercise regularly. Sadly, this is one of the  first priorities to go during the school year, but I’m about to fix that.

9) Wash my room’s base boards and wainscoting. Yeah, who looks forward to washing walls on summer break? Apparently me. I just love the feeling of a super-clean room! – Accomplished!

10) Go to the beach.

So there’s my list! I’m hoping that by making it public, I’ll feel a greater sense of accountability or something. I’ll keep updating this list as things get checked off or added.



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