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Drivin’ Me Crazy

One of the thingies on my summer checklist is learning to drive stick shift. Well, last Saturday I had my first practice session! My 18-year-old sister told me that if I went to the grocery store for her, she’d give me a lesson. So, after doing a little shopping, I returned home and got behind the wheel.

The lesson started out with my sister turning off the radio. I was sad. How was I supposed to know if the car is on if the radio’s not playing? Kidding…sort of. After the ordeal of cranking  the car, next came the actual driving part. If you don’t drive straight shift, then maybe you can sympathize with me. In addition to the gas and brake pedals, you’ve also got your clutch pedal, which you operate with your left foot. Changing gears from 1st to second, etc. requires applying different amounts of pressure to these three pedals simultaneously—and remembering which ones you’re supposed to be working with. You’ve also got to remember which direction to move the stick when you’re shifting gears. My sister kept saying I was “killing” her car every time I accidentally revved the engine a bit. Which was pretty much every time.

If you really want to know how our little lesson went, there just so happens to be a Youtube video. If you’re having one of those I-can’t-do-anything-right-I’m-so-clueless days, then watch this bad boy and you’ll feel much better about yourself.

It’s worth mentioning (for the sake of my pride if nothing else) that after the video we left the backyard and I drove in a parking lot, where I advanced all the way to the 3rd gear, baby!

So, without further rambling, here it is. It’s unscripted and how we actually interact with each other. If you’re around my family frequently, then you know our personalities and how we interact with each other. We get along, but we speak our minds when necessary (or when not-so-necessary). Obviously, I’m the one behind the wheel, and my sister is the one who says “listen” like a bajillion times (seriously, count them!).

I’ve been a licensed driver for 5 years, but this experience kinda humbled me, to say the least. 

P.S.  This video makes me painfully aware of my drawl, but after spending time several years ago trying to do away with it, I decided embracing it is the way to go ;)

Happy Summer!

– Anna


6 thoughts on “Drivin’ Me Crazy”

  1. Hi! I found your blog through NextGenWriters.

    You are brave to film yourself while trying something new. I don’t have my driver’s license yet and I get scared trying to learn automatic :). I think your drawl sounds really nice…though I only heard it once in the video…you didn’t talk much ;).

    It’d be great if you could check out my blog at


  2. Hi, Alyssa! Thanks for reading my blog!

    I’m all about making memories, even though sometimes they’re slightly embarrassing. But I’m hoping one day I’ll master the whole stick-shift thing, then I can look back on the video and see how far I’ve come. That’s the plan, anyway ;) It was like that back when I was first learning to drive a car. Really scary and awkward at first, but now it’s second nature!

    And thanks! When I’m not so focused on keeping that car running, I talk nearly non-stop. Usually my drawl’s a little stronger, too, especially when I’m excited or nervous or something. A life lived in the South will do that to you. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing your blog’s link – I’ll check it out! :)


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