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Revisiting the Summer Checklist

It’s the end of another wonderful, wonderful (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…) summer, which means it’s time to sit back and reflect on everything I’ve accomplished over the past several months. This means I’ve got to go back to the summer  to-do list I posted in June and see how much of it I’ve actually accomplished (Read it here)!

But before then, I have a couple of updates:

Last week, I posted “Grace for the Ungraceful,” in which I mentioned damaging my finger (Click here to read that). Turns out, I’ve got a blood-blister (gag!). It also turns out that those bad guys take a long time to heal. As my mom put it, “it’ll take weeks at minimum.” That’s so encouraging. It’s still gross, but I no longer shiver when I look at it. Kinda like my sister’s parakeet. Anyway….

Next on the list: My blogging schedule. School is back in full swing now, so I have less time. However, I’m setting aside time to blog on a regular basis. We’re gonna try weekly or bi-weekly (I’ll have to measure my motivation level before I know for sure). I know, sometimes I go nearly a month without posting, but it’ll be good for me. I had an unusual early-morning creativity burst while I was fixing my hair today, so I grabbed a sticky-note and pencil and jotted down different posts I need to write up. By the time my hair was straight, I’d written down a month’s worth of posts that have been floating around in my head for a while. There’s all kinds of stuff I want to share!

But for now, here’s the stuff I checked off my list this summer:

1) Learn to play guitar. I occupied myself with this activity toward the beginning of my summer break. I’m no expert by any means, but I can strum several chords and don’t bite my lip when the strings are pressed into my fingers (Read about it here). Soooo….Check!

2) Learn to drive stick-shift. I’ve already detailed this adventure (in this post), so if you want to know how this went, scroll down to the post called “Drivin’ Me Crazy.” It was…something. But in my defense, if a crazy person were chasing me, I’d like to think I could drive away quickly. And when it comes down to it, that’s really all that matter, right? Check-ish!

3) Make some money, somehow, some way.Let’s see, toward the beginning of the summer, I held down my annual blueberry picking job. I also put in some hours at the office where I work, which was good. And I deep-cleaned my Papa’s car. Hey, money is money! Check!

4) Wrap up the first draft of my novel. Okay, so this is the one I’m reallysuperextremelycrazyexcited about. My goal was to finish this by the time my family left town for vacation on August 4th, but I finished it a whole week early. Y’all, I’m so ecstatic. It’s not that it’s that great (it’s still a rough first draft, for one thing), but it’s complete. A complete, novel-length work. And it’s mine. I was shaking a little as I typed the last sentence of the story. I’m way too into this whole writing thing. CHECK!!!!!!

5) Change the knobs on my dressers. I’ll admit I failed at this one. I’ve had this issue of missing knobs on a couple of my drawers for several years now, so we bought some new knobs a long time ago. This summer, I got tired of finding a screwdriver or butter knife every time I wanted to get a pair of pants, so I hunted down the knobs. Somehow over the years, I misplaced a bunch of them. Since I didn’t have enough knobs, I didn’t do this one. Stop yawning, my life can be fascinating.

But in lieu of this, I did some other things around my room. I framed some colored pencil pieces I finished a long time ago, even though they’re not yet on my wall (noticing a procrastination theme here?). I also reorganized all of my drawers and bought—and installed—an organizer for my closet. One of my sisters got a new bookshelf, so I got a couple of her old ones and doubled the size of my study space. It’s cool. Fail-but-sort-of-check!

6) Read like crazy! I lost count, but it’s safe to say I read over thirty novels this summer. Check!

7) Read at least one classic book.Okay, I’m reluctant to say I completely dropped the ball on this one. I cracked open Jane Eyre and read about two pages. Then I stopped. That Bronte chick is intense. But then I started another classic book—Rebecca—and read some of that. So no, I didn’t complete this one. But in my defense (if you haven’t figured this out by now, there’s not much I don’t try to justify), I read other books that are more similar to the genre I write. I call it studying. So I could either read an old book, or study. Let it be known, I’m a good student. No check (and no shame).

8. Exercise regularly. I live in the South, which means it’s not unusual for the temps to be above 100 degrees, even in the early evening. But I did go on some jogs/walk things, and I did do some flexibility exercises (I talked about it in this post). Warrior? I think yes. Check. (There’s no exclamation point, because really, who gets excited about exercise?)

9. Wash my room’s base boards and wainscoting. Technically, I did this before I even made my checklist, but I’m weird so I wanted to include it anyway and make myself feel good. Check!

10. Go to the beach. Earlier in the year, my fam went to the beach without me. Sans Anna. Yes, I was in summer classes, but still. Happily, I got to go to Florida in July, and then on a cruise in August (during which we stopped at three Carribean/Bahamian beaches). Check!

So there you go! I didn’t do so badly, did I ? I’ve got another, slightly more sentimental, post planned in which I’ll discuss some of the other things I did this summer (i.e. the ones that actually involve other people and not just my own imagination), so stay tuned for that. I’ve even got some pictures to go with it!

My summer was great, but it’s good to be back on a schedule. I need a schedule, because otherwise, I come up with stuff like this. ;)


P.S. Why yes, I did get obsessed with inserting hyperlinks in this post. But they serve a purpose, so go back and click ‘em!



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