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On the Subject of Fall


Seriously, whenever I’m forced to take a blogging break, all of this interesting stuff happens to me. And of course, I can’t write about it because I’m taking a blogging break. So here’s a recap of my fascinating (I use that term loosely) life:

I’m currently on FALL BREAK! Or, technically, if you go to my school, we’re on “Fall Pause.” That’s so cute.

Since we’re on the subject of Fall…It’s finally starting to feel like FALL ‘round these parts! My house was built around 1900, and we have tall ceilings and wooden floors. This means that my house gets quite chilly and has trouble warming up like outside. I’m still sleeping in shorts, a t-shirt, and bare feet, so It’s gotten to the point where I wake up in the mornings and I’m so cold I have to just snooze for thirty minutes. Rough life, right?

Yesterday I dug my little heater out of the closet. Note to self for next year: Dust the thing off before plugging it in. It smelled like burning hair. That’s not as bad as my old heater, though. My family affectionately called it The Dinosaur, because I’m pretty sure it’s the one Noah used to keep his cabin warm on the Ark. The Dinosaur actually roared. That beast was scary. So I appreciate Lil Dusty, despite the fact that I had to go through the trouble of lighting a candle to combat his stench yesterday.

Speaking of Fall weather, I wore a pair of boots and a cardigan to church Sunday night! That may not seem like a big deal, but it made me happy. Honestly, the first day the temperature dipped below 80 degrees, people started showing up at school in flannel shirts, scarves, and boots. I kid you not. When you live in the South, you take what you can get.

Speaking of Fall fashion, I should probably mention it’s taking everything in my power not to engage in the whole leggings-are-not-pants-substitutes debate again this year. I’m a fan of leggings, don’t get me wrong, but they have their place. One time I tried on an old pair of pants that were a little snug and my sisters told me I looked like a shrink-wrapped turkey. So yeah, no leggings without a skirt/dress for me.

I’ve finally come to a conclusion: Wear what you want, but I personally don’t want people to be able to read my lower half like a topographical map. *shudder*

One thing  that comes with the whole Fall territory is allergy season. I’m beyond blessed to not have to deal with this. But I did catch a cold over the weekend. Thankfully, this only involved one night of Nyquil. I take that stuff, and I’m dead to the world for at least eight hours. Unless you’re one of my sisters or a really close friend, you won’t know this (If you do know this, and you’re not one of the aforementioned people, I’m thoroughly disturbed…),  but: it’s highly unusual for me to not move an inch all night long. Cold meds change people.

In addition to my cold, I also developed an annoying sore place in my mouth. Why I’m telling you this, I have no idea. But it means I’m currently hauling around a bottle of Chloraseptic spray (you know, the minty, numbing stuff), and learning how not to shoot myself in the face with it. Fun times indeed.

I don’t know why I’m being so candid with y’all. I should probably blame it on the fact that I should be writing a research paper.

I also finished the second draft of my book over the weekend! That’s basically all I did Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I did all of the edits by hand, so now I’ve just gotta find the time to type them all up. THEN, I get to send the manuscript out to some very dear people who have volunteered to read/critique it for me. I’m so excited! This really is Fall-related, and not just because I’m revising my novel in the Fall (duh). See, it’s been almost exactly one year since I first penned the little ten-page short story that eventually grew into a 70,000 word novel. What a difference a year makes! Some of the things I thought were funny while writing the first draft are L-A-M-E. To other people, at least. I’ll admit I still crack myself up at my odd sense of humor sometimes.

So there’s your recap! Thursday, we’ll be talkin’ politics, so bring your popcorn and/or cold meds (since they make everything all the more interesting).

P.S. I have an awkward favor to ask (and my standards for awkwardness are pretty high): If you haven’t done so already, could you pretty, pretty please subscribe to my blog? Just click on the “Sign Me Up!” button under the “Email Subscription” banner on the right. I promise the only emails you’ll get will be when I post an update.  I really want to sign on with a blog book review service, and I need a few more subscribers before I can apply. I’d really, really, really appreciate it. So, help a poor college kid/book lover/girl with a cold out? Merci beaucoup!

See ya Thursday,



2 thoughts on “On the Subject of Fall”

  1. I’m smiling really big right now. And laughing. And reminding myself this is why I love your blog. Because it’s the same reason I love every blog I read (with the exception of GTW): they make me laugh!

    Sorry about your cold. Feel better soon!

    YAY YAY YAY! So excited for you about your book. Finishing one is a major thing! I’m sure it’s awesome :)

    I wish I could help with your subscribing thing, but I already have! Hopefully you’ll get enough people! :)


    1. Haha! Thank you! I know I write a lot of more serious posts, but sometimes I just have to sit down and, well, just write. This is what happens when I do that ;)

      My cold is kinda-sorta getting better. Now it’s more in the form of a cough, which will be fun to deal with when I’m sitting in class this afternoon. But thankfully it’s not too bad!

      As for the book, I’m majorly excited, too! Even though only a handful of people have seen it (except for whoever saw the first 500 words on GTW), it’s still a big accomplishment for me.

      I appreciate you subscribing so much! Thank you! :)


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