Yesterday, as I was sitting in Political Science listening to a lecture about each presidential candidate’s campaign tactics, I realized something: I was exhausted. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. I realized how much time, effort, and thought I had invested in the campaign season. I wrote a billion (okay, so seven) papers on the election this semester, watched the debates, tracked the polls, etc. And then, late Tuesday night, it was all over: The results were in.

Rather than go into a discussion about it, I’ll say this: the post I wrote nearly two weeks ago still applies, and I’m still believing it and clinging to it. Click here to read it.

So now that Election 2012 is behind us, I thought I’d try to lighten the mood a little bit. It’s been quite serious around this blog recently, hasn’t it?

In March 2011, I posted the lyrics to a song I wrote a few years ago.  Click here to read the lyrics to “You are Still Lord.” Let’s do some more lyrics. This one, though, was written almost five years ago.

This song actually fits with the whole election season theme. I wrote it at the beginning of 2008, when I was fifteen. You can probably pick up on some of the dramatic flair that made up my life back then (and if we’re honest, still does). Some of the rhymes are rather forced, and the meter wanders around a little (Why yes, I have been studying poetry techniques this semester. Why do you ask?), but this is the song in all of its original glory. Okay, so I took out a truckload of commas when I was typing it up, but no self-respecting English major would allow that much comma usage. Until I got to college, my motto was always, “When in doubt, use a comma!” Needless to say, college has taught me I use way too many commas. But I digress.

So yes, I laugh a little when I read this song, since my poetry/song writing style has changed a lot since then, but it also triggers memories of sitting in my bed late one night writing it. I remember how passionate I was about what I was writing, how passionate I was about making a difference in our nation. I don’t know if you’ll get anything from it, but for me, it’s memories. And it’s still a battle cry of sorts, just minus some of the teen angst and commas.

And no, I will not record myself singing it. But for the right price…nope, still won’t do it.

From now ‘til the end of the post, what you’ll read was written in 2008. So enjoy! Or…something.


Theme: A pledge to stand for what’s right, no matter how messed up our country becomes.

We still recognize God as head, and we refuse to stop following Him. Coming together.

V1 I refuse to give up the fight for what I know is right.

I refuse to forget the cause for which men daily fall.

And I refuse to stop believing in the one thing I know is true:

The hope, the life, the liberty that’s bestowed on me and you.

BRIDGE Just the fact that we are free makes it easy to believe…

CH One nation under the One God we trust.

Freedom of religion, it’s liberty or bust!

Prayer for those who need it, blessings to those who receive it.

Our God is real, and our God will prevail!

Even if our nation fails!

V2 I refuse to let those around me tell me what to think.

I refuse to let my peers force me to disbelieve.

And I refuse to let our nation’s pride be shaken to the ground.

The cross, the Bible, and the pledge, wherever people are found!

BR Just the fact that we are free makes it easy to believe…

– Repeat Chorus –

V3 They say there’s strength in numbers, and where two or more are gathered,

so if we come together, we can make a difference.

If we come together, that’s all that really matters!

We can change the country through our earnest prayers.

We can prove to the world that our God really cares!

– Repeat Bridge and Chorus –

I refuse to give up the fight…


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