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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it’s time for a very special blog post. Last Thanksgiving, I posted about some of life’s little blessings that I often take for granted. You can read about those in “I’m Thankful for…Garden Gnomes” (Click here to read it).

This time around, I want to share another blessing that has kind of grown on me this past year: this blog.

God has used it to teach me many, many things. Not only has it helped in the practical sense of keeping me in the habit of writing, it’s also been used to teach me more about myself. Because behind every story, every song, every life lesson, every contemplative thought, there’s a moment. A real, live moment I actually experienced. When I write about learning to accept God’s grace, it’s because I really am learning that lesson. When a post details the pain of an aching heart, I’ve felt it. When I share how God has been teaching me something, it’s a real life lesson I’ve been learning. Basically, everything you see on this blog has actually been a part of this thing known as my life.

But how does this make me thankful for the blog? I’m so glad you asked! I don’t always fully grasp what I’ve been going through until I sit down to type it up. Sometimes, it’s only once I’ve pieced together my story, Bible verses that apply to my situation, and how I saw God working that it all clicks for me. It’s a way to organize it all, then step back and say, “Oh. I get it now.”

Know that when you read my blog, it’s faithful to my actual life. Yes, more happens in my life than what I write about, but the things you see here are genuine. This blog holds me accountable, because if I’ve posted about learning to pray consistently for something, I’m convicted to actually act on it more often. If I’ve shared Scripture about showing love to those we disagree with, I’m constantly reminded to practice what I preach.

There’s something else about this blog I’m thankful for, too. Or rather, someone: You.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran (meaning you’ve been a reader since the beginning), or it’s your first time stopping by: Thank you.

Whether you’re an email subscriber or a Facebook link-clicker: Thank you.

Whether I know you outside of the Internet or because of the Internet: Thank you.

Whether you comment on posts or come up to me in person to discuss what you read: Thank you.

You don’t know how much all of that means. Not just that you carve a little time out of your schedule to see what’s going on in Anna Land, but that you care. Whenever I hear you’ve been facing something similar to what I’ve been going through, I can’t help but be awed. That’s a God-thing. There’s no way I could’ve arranged that. It also encourages me to keep going; to keep a constant loop of thoughts flipping through my mind each week as I consider what to write about. Every post is prayed over before it’s put online, and it never just “happens.” It has to grow.  I have to feel God shaping my thoughts and feelings toward something so I can approach it in a way that seeks to glorify Him before I even type a sentence. So your support encourages me to keep it up; to keep chasing more and more after Christ and His will for my life.

This just so happens to be my 50th blog post, and I think it came at the perfect time. Thank you for the past 50 opportunities to share a little of what God is doing in my life, and as always, I’d love to hear about what He’s teaching you, too. So for all of this—and all of you—I am truly thankful. My purpose in life is to glorify my Savior, and my calling is to write. I’m beyond blessed to have the opportunity to combine those.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving spent counting your blessings, reflecting on how God has provided in the past, and anticipating what He will do in the future.

In His love,

Anna Schaeffer

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.” –Psalm 107:1


4 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Wonderful post as usual :)

    And “God things” like that are so amazing, wonderful, and encouraging. I love getting to see those :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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