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Memories Monday: “Mary’s Questions”


Last week I introduced a new series in which I’ll post one of my old Christmas poems each Monday leading up to Christmas. Last week’s was called “The Shepherds’ Story” and you can click here to read it.

This week’s poem is narrated by Mary. One night, I started thinking about what it would be like to be in her position. To be faithfully engaged to someone, only to be told I was carrying a child. And not just any child, but the promised Messiah; the One sent to fulfill every prophecy. The One sent to save the world.

As I was writing this poem four years ago, I thought of the questions Mary may have asked God. This poem was written with the Scripture passages in mind, but it explores other questions the soon-to-be mother of Jesus may have had. You may notice it follows a pattern, too: from asking God “why?,” to boldly declaring her faith in her Creator and His magnificent plan.

“I am the Lord’s servant…May it be to me as you have said.” – Luke 1:38

In His love,


Mary’s Questions

Anna Schaeffer, 2008

Why me? How can this be?

I’m only a teenager, not royalty.

I have no fame, glory, or renown.

I’m just a girl from a small, rural town.

What have I done to deserve such a task?

I don’t hide who I am, I don’t wear a mask.

How can I be with child if I have never been with a man?

For what kind of purpose is this, what kind of plan?

In one single moment, my plans have been altered.

Why did You choose me, when in my life I have faltered?

What do You see in me, what kinds of things,

that I should be treated even greater than kings?

Why did You choose me to deliver Your Son,

when you, being God, can use anyone?

Why have I been chosen to carry out Your plan?

Why has Your Son become like earthly man?

But who am I to question the Divine?

Who am I to ask for what is not mine?

I must do nothing but believe.

I must have faith and trust that You will succeed.

I am Your servant, to You I’ll be true.

Create in me a heart like Yours, faithful and brand-new.

Allow me to bear Your only Son,

and protect me as I carry the Holiest One.

For I know You have a plan for me,

even when I cannot hear or see.

Thank you for giving me a gift so amazing,

so I can share with others Your grace that is saving.


5 thoughts on “Memories Monday: “Mary’s Questions””

    1. Thank you, ma’am! This one is special to me. I have some newer poems I’ve been working on for a class, so I may be posting more recent stuff once this semester is over. It’ll be proof that I really do still write, since most of what I share is older ;)


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