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Memories Monday: “The Glorious Baby”


By the time you read this, I will be in the beginning of final exams week. As I write this, French class is behind me (for this semester, at least), and I’m working to finish my Poetry Workshop portfolio, a Political Science research paper, a lab practical, and two more exams…So I’ve got a few things to keep me occupied over the next few days. Maybe you’re counting the days until Christmas break like I am (Wednesday!), or maybe you’re busy with other stuff. Whatever it is, it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the stuff life throws at us—especially at Christmas time.

Today’s poem is another product of Christmas 2008 (clearly, that was a very reflexive year for me). It’s simple, short, sweet, and to-the-point. But maybe that’s the reason I like it, because whenever I read it, I’m reminded to just be still and savor the simple things in life. The often-overlooked things that we rush past in the midst of our Christmas preparations. It’s a poem about “The Glorious Baby,” who He is, and why He came. When we stop and think about it, isn’t that all that really matters, anyway?

In His love,

Anna Schaeffer

P.S. This is the 3rd Memories Monday poem. To read the previous entries, click the links below:

The Glorious Baby

Anna Schaeffer, 2008

Glory of Heaven, Hope of earth,

Humble Baby of virgin birth.

Straw for a bed, in a shed,

Just as prophets wise once said.

A Savior, Redeemer, Prince of Peace,

Lord of lords, and King of kings.

Father of creation,

Light to the nations,

Now gentle and new,

A promise come true.

Emmanuel, Jehovah, God,

Now confined to human bod.

Susceptible to a world of woe,

He had to come so we could go.

Miraculous Child born for everyone,

Jesus, Messiah, God’s only Son.

Merry Christmas!


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