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Memories Monday: “Ten Tiny Fingers”

First, some updates:

  • Snow! No, not real snow. At least not anywhere near my house. But there is snow on this blog page. If you let the page sit still for a moment, it should start floating down. And the direction it falls follows the lead of your mouse arrow. I just figured that out, like, five seconds ago. If you can’t see the snow, I’m really sorry, because sometimes I just stare at it and it makes me kind of happy. It’s probably also the closest thing to a white Christmas I’ll experience this year.
  • Finals are finished! At exactly 4:00pm on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, I walked out of my last exam, practically skipped through the parking lot, climbed into my car, and sighed. Then there were a lot of “thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” prayers to God for faithfully walking me through the semester.
  • Christmas is in eight days! When I was little, Christmas always seemed to take its sweet time getting here. But these days, the season flies by way too fast! Next Monday is Christmas Eve, but I’ll have one final Memories Monday post for you to enjoy before you kick yourself off the Internet and spend some time with loved ones.
  • Busy blog week! Today is, obviously, a Memories Monday post. Tomorrow’s post is one I’ve been planning since March. Seriously. If you were around me much this past Spring, you may be shocked I never blogged about what tomorrow’s post will be about, especially since I went into nerd mode several times talking about some of what the post will cover. So come back tomorrow.
  • Surprise Thursday! Yes, Thursday’s post will be a surprise! It’s something I haven’t done on this blog yet. So, yeah, that’s all I’ll say for now. But be here for that.
  • Friends. I just remembered I have some friends coming over in less than two hours. I’d better make this the last announcement, put this thing online, and get out of bed. They mustn’t see me before my coffee.

Now for our regularly scheduled Memories Monday post:

tentinyfingersI’ve enjoyed sharing pages from my old journals with you this Christmas season. To read the previous three poems, follow the links below:

Today’s poem is called “Ten Tiny Fingers,” and it was written in 2009. In light of the tragedy that rocked the country Friday, the tiny Baby this poem addresses is even more precious to me. Because that Baby grew up, defeated death, and provided a way for us to be saved. It is through Him, and Him alone, that we can reach God. In Him we find hope, peace, and security. I don’t have all the answers, but I pray God will use this tragedy to shake our nation so hard it can’t help but fall to its knees.

We needed a Savior, and He came. Now it’s up to us to accept His gift.


“Ten Tiny Fingers”


Anna Schaeffer, 2009


Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes,

Two tiny eyes, and one tiny nose.



One tiny mouth and two tiny ears,

One tiny tongue and countless tiny hairs.



Two tiny arms and two tiny cheeks,

Two tiny hands and two tiny feet.



One tiny moment, one tiny night,

One tiny stable, and one tiny sight.



One tiny city, one tiny trough,

One tiny bed, and one tiny cloth.



One tiny cry, one tiny time,

One tiny Baby, one tiny Light.



One big crowd, one big cross,

One big man, and one big loss.



One big purpose, one big plan,

One big time to save all men.



One big miracle, one big life,

One big God, one big sacrifice.



One big day for many, many lives,

One big gift to relieve all strife.



Ten tiny fingers, two tiny hands,

One big purpose, one big plan.



3 thoughts on “Memories Monday: “Ten Tiny Fingers””

    1. Thank you so much! This is one of those poems that I didn’t think through ahead of time. I just sat down and wrote it. Sometimes those are my favorites, because in a way, they’re the most real. It’s exactly what I was thinking about at the time.


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