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I’ve been blessed with a great schedule this semester, which means I have some time to do things I don’t always get the chance to do. I’ll be honest, It’s always a risk when I have a little extra time on my hands because, well, I may do things like this:


I take great pride in my ability to peel an entire orange without breaking the peel.

Or maybe, y’know, stuff like this:


I know what you’re thinking: Someone give that girl a modeling contract.

Or even…well, you get the idea.

The point is, I usually have something going on, whether it involves citrus fruits or blonde wigs or myriads of other things. Here are some updates on some of these goings-ons:

– As if I didn’t have enough things to keep me glued to my laptop, I’ve entered the 100 for 100 Challenge  again. I participated in this writing event back in September and made a good bit of progress on a manuscript. You write 100 words a day for 100 days. The point is to get you in the habit of writing on a daily basis, even when you don’t feel like it. I’ve got a lot going on with my first manuscript right now, but this is just so much fun. Plus, everyone who completes the challenge gets put in a drawing for a 10,000 word critique, which is pretty sweet.

– Speaking of my first manuscript, I’m about to head into the third draft. But before then, I’m working on a (cue creepy music)…book proposal. I’m learning that’s every bit as intimidating and challenging as it sounds. That deserves it’s own blog post, which I will be sharing with you soon.

– Last weekend,  I entertained some ladies at my Papa’s retirement community with my bubble gum blowing skillz. If this whole writer thing doesn’t work out, I may have found a backup calling.

-A couple of weeks ago I signed up with BookSneeze as a book reviewer. BookSneeze is a service run by Thomas Nelson publishing company. If your blog meets their requirements, you can request free books in exchange for an honest review. I’m currently reading a book now, and I hope to have the review posted within the next week or two. I’m really, really excited about this!

Eragon update: I’ve read a couple more chapters since I last mentioned it. I don’t want to give you any spoilers in case you plan to read it one day, but I will say this: I just met the dragon, and I knew that was so not a fancy rock. That’s all.

So there you have it. What is it that you have, exactly? Je ne sais pas.

Life is full, and God is good. He’s constantly showing me more of Himself through everyday occurrences.

Check out this verse:

“I am absolutely sure that not even death or life can separate us from God’s love. Not even angels or demons, the present or the future, or any powers can do that. Not even the highest places or the lowest, or anything else in all creation can do that. Nothing at all can ever separate us from God’s love because of what Christ Jesus our Lord has done.”
– Romans 8:38-39 (NIRV)

Read that a dozen times and let it sink in. Incredible, isn’t it?

In His love,



7 thoughts on “Currently…”

  1. I’ve tried that ‘writing every day’ kind of thing, but it just didn’t work out. I just couldn’t come up with enough junk to write down in my story-journal thing. Also, Spongebob can be like rice; one little 15 minute grain expands and takes up a whole 3 hours…a true time killer.


    1. It was really hard for me at first. Still is sometimes. But the cool thing about it is, the more you make yourself write on a daily basis, the easier it gets. The majority of what I crank out probably won’t make it past the first draft, but those pieces lead to new ideas and bits of stuff I can include when I revise the story.


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