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Blogiversary VLOG!

Sooo….midterms are behind me, and I wrapped up that 2nd blogiversary post I was working on. And guess what: It’s a vlog. That’s right. I decided to go for a video of myself talking at you, rather than typing at you. I won’t say much, since you’ll probably get more than enough information in the following video, but here are some “fun” facts (‘cause who doesn’t love those?):

– I must say that I enjoyed being able to wear a dress with my striped, knee-high socks…and no one had to see that. 

-This was filmed in one take, with the exception of one or two deer-in-the-headlights-what-was-I-talking-about-again moments that I snipped out. 

– I didn’t follow a script or anything, with the exception of a couple of times where I read a quick note or something. I just have a habit of glancing at my fabulous socks while I talk, I guess. You don’t really notice your own quirks until you watch them on camera.

– I told y’all I’m a Southerner.

– The video is structured like one of my blog posts. Minus the backspace button. Yay!

– Originally, I planned on making a five minute video. Just so you know. I’ve mentioned before how condensing things isn’t my thing.

– For whatever reason, the video starts out a little fuzzy – but take heart! It soon clears up a bit. I bet I could make that symbolic of something if I tried hard enough. But no, I’m still recovering from midterms.

– Some of my books from my bookshelf (which you’ll see in the background) are out on loan, so the whole family isn’t together. But we (my books and I) are okay with that, since it means someone’s enjoying them as much as I do.

– One of my Hunger Games books is actually out on loan, too, so I stuffed a library book in the jacket of Catching Fire. Voila. Complete trilogy.

– Soooo….without further ramblings, enjoy the video!



8 thoughts on “Blogiversary VLOG!”

  1. Awesome, Anna, and just what I needed to hear this morning! God really took me out of my comfort zone yesterday at the church where we work with the homeless. It was my third week of talking with an obviously mentally ill homeless man who is really searching for spiritual meaning in his life.

    Yesterday he was in an ‘agitated stew’ about some things that had happened the day before, and there were times when I was almost afraid for my safety. I tried to let God do the talking for me, but because I already had a headache, I’m afraid I became too conscious of MYself and MY limitations!

    Yes, I do feel that God is growing me through these experiences though. Thanks for your thoughts on the vlog…good job!

    Your cuz, Ann

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    1. Thank you for watching and sharing your story! Recently I’ve been realizing just how much I am aware of myself and my limitations, too. I have to remember it’s “not I but Christ” who will turn these situations into something good (Gal. 2:20).


  2. Hello Anna- Just wanted to say “I love your Vlog”. I wanted to hear more about Anna and was disappointed when the video was over. What a great idea to do a Vlog for your 2nd blogiversary. I didn’t realize you were blogging until I saw your post on FaceBook. I enjoy reading blogs of those I know personally. I follow 3 blogs and have just added yours to my list. I have been reading some of your past posts and I think you are a wonderful writer. You have a way of drawing the reader in with your creative, relaxed way of expression. I read your novel’s first 500 words. Fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing what Lena Marie gets herself into as your story unfolds. Please finish it! By the way, congratulations on placing in the contest. Oh yes! I read your essay on your little sister, Ellen’s birth and you made me feel as though I was there too! What a wonderful gift to give her on her birthday. I know she will cherish it when she is older. My youngest granddaughter, Ellee is almost the same age as Ellen. They are only a few days apart in age. I always enjoy watching Ellen to see how she is developing, so I can apply it to Ellee and where she is in her development. Ellee lives in Virginia and I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, but I enjoy the times I do have with her, as well as all my six Grands. God Bless you! Just keep writing! Oh! By the way! You have inspired me to write, so I am writing in my journal everyday. Thank you! Elizabeth Usry


    1. Thanks for watching the video! I’d never done anything like that before, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would watch it all the way to the end, so thank you for your kind words of encouragement! As for blogging, I love it. Ever since I decided to blog consistently, I’ve found myself learning all kinds of lessons as I try to sort through what’s happening in my life in order to write about it. God’s using it as a tool to teach me so many things.
      Thank you for reading the contest entry! I actually finished writing Lena’s story this past summer, so now I’m in the middle of revising it and making it as strong as possible. She definitely gets herself into some interesting situations throughout the story!
      Thanks for the kind words about Ellen’s story, too! Three year olds can be kind of wild (Ellen can be, at least), but they are so much fun!
      I inspired you to write? That’s so cool! I think the hardest thing about writing is doing it consistently. Even if you love it, sometimes it’s hard to just make yourself sit down and put something on paper. But keep going! I know you’ll be glad you have your journal to look back over one day.


  3. Wow, that’s how I feel about writing too. It’s a piece of my heart whether it’s fiction or not, and I know it’s good for me to share it–to help others that way–but it’s still hard. I’ve been working on that this year. Being bold enough to communicate using my writing, because that’s the way I communicate best, no matter how embarrassed or nervous it makes me feel. :)



    1. It’s encouraging to know I’m not alone in feeling that way! It’s definitely a learning process, isn’t it? We can motivate each other whenever we let nervousness take over :)
      Glad you enjoyed the video!


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