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My sister is on Spring Break this week! I’m talking about the sister in this video (I joke about how this video went “viral” because more than my immediate family watched it). She’s also the one who wrote this guest post in January.

Because she’s on Spring Break and I’m not (just a few.more.weeks. until my break), I’m spending the week juggling between school, homework, and family time. I should be back to blogging next week, though. Trust me on this: we’ve already had some adventures, and I’m looking forward to sharing them (along with pictures) soon.

How about another vlog? Kidding, kidding. It’ll be a while before I make another one of those things. My family has been picking on me about it because they say I sound much, much calmer on that video than I do in person. I personally think that’s a good thing, since I don’t want my passion for life to scare people away. At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with.

But I just wanted to spend a few minutes on the blog, since it’s my usual Thursday morning routine. If you start to miss me terribly (and want to see some of my usual enthusiasm), you can be “impressed” by my “talent” when it comes to “driving” my aforementioned sister’s stick shift car. Watch the video in this post and you’ll understand all of those quotation marks.

Have a good week, and be back soon!

In His love,



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