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Summer Break?

Ah, summer. When you stand at the beginning of this glorious season, it seems as though it’ll stretch on forever. A couple of months of milkshakes, sunscreen, late nights, and friend time, right?

That’s always the plan, at least. I’ve got one week left of summer classes, and let me tell you, I’m just now taking time to breathe. I’ve been busy, but a good kind of busy. I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t had a chance to hang out with in a while, I’m perfecting my jog in Wellness (sort of), and I’m learning fascinating stuff about other parts of the world in Global Communications. It’s Friday and my mind is zapped, so here’s a rundown of what’s been going on:

– I’ve decided the Book Splash reviews will be periodical, rather than weekly. I love doing them, and I’ve already got enough material to last a while, but preparing them each week takes away some of the time I could spend writing other things. Such as random lists of what I’ve been doing recently. I’m also stockpiling material in case I happen to leave the country at some point this summer.

– Did you know the quality of your passport picture doesn’t define you? Truth.

– Speaking of stock-piling blog posts, I’m also looking for some more guest posts to use during the previously mention, vaguely-referenced overseas trip. If you’d be interested in writing a post, go to the Contact Me link at the top of the page!

– I’ve been plotting out a novel recently. Unfortunately, my fabulous wall-o-corkboard is falling down, so I need to remedy that before I show you a picture. I’ll be talking more about this (the novel, not my DIY problems) next week!

– Google the word “askew.” Go on, I’ll wait here. You’re welcome.

– Did I tell you yet about the time the power went off one night when I was in the shower? Long story short, I learned my hair brush glows in the dark. It’s pretty neat.

– Speaking of writing, I’m working on a guest post for a friend’s blog. It’s about something I haven’t really discussed on my own blog, but I’m excited about it. I’ll be sure to share the link when it goes live.

– The other day, I looked over my undergraduate track sheet. It’s a weird moment when you realize you can count the number of classes you have left on your hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in college, but when the end is actually in sight, I start figuring out how to get out a semester earlier than I planned. It just might be possible.

Well, I’m off to go hunt down the warranty for my laptop. Poor Hester (name that literary character!) began overheating last semester, and it’s gotten so bad that I can’t rest my hands on the laptop when I type…it’s that hot. Her fan is also really noisy, there’s this disconcerting burnt-hair smell, and her battery lasts about as long as it takes for me to read my Facebook newsfeed. Hopefully I was in one of my organizational moods when we renewed her warranty earlier in the year.

– I’m thankful that even though it’s summer, God doesn’t take a break from teaching His children lessons. I mean, wow. I’ll talk about some of this in upcoming posts. He is faithful, friends.

I’ll be back next week to give some updates on my writing life! Until then, here’s a verse that’s meant a lot to me recently:

“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love,
for in you I trust.
Make me know the way I should go,
for to you I lift up my soul…
Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God!
Let your good Spirit lead me
on level ground!”

– Psalm 143:8,10

In His love,



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