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Hey, blog readers!

I actually had a post written for last week, but then my sister and I got really caught up in brainstorming how we could turn it into a vlog. Unfortunately, neither of us had time for the vlog, but we both liked the idea, so I didn’t want to share the post yet. I also had an annotated bibliography to write and submit for a Communications class. Y’all don’t know how close I came to just using that as a blog post. But then I realized not everyone (much to my amazement) wants to read a list of scholarly articles about why teens should read YA fiction.

I love that topic. But anyway…

My last post was “A Beautiful Death,” and to be honest, sometimes I don’t know how to follow a “big” post like that. I like a mix of serious and fun, but sometimes the balance feels awkward. I felt like that post needed a chance to breathe before it was pushed aside by something else.

Speaking of something else, here are some updates of what you can expect on the blog in the coming weeks:

– A book review of one of the most gripping books I’ve read this year. And that’s saying something. After reading it, I walked around in a fog for a few hours, unable to pull myself out of the story world. It was deep, and emotional, and raw, and beautiful, and…wow. I’ve mentioned how much I love a good redemption story. I loved this book.

– A “real” blog post called “Life as a Doer.” I realize the word “doer” looks weird, but auto-correct didn’t give me a fuzzy red line under it, so we’re going with that title. Besides, it’s from a Bible verse. I actually started writing that post earlier in the year, then just left it in the drafts folder until I could flesh it out some more.

The drafts folder for the blog is like my sister’s scrap basket. She fills her basket with bits of felt and scrapbook paper left over from crafts, or fabric she might use for future projects. In the case of my “scrap basket,” I find all kinds of stuff – some paragraph I’ll end up using in a future post, some one-liner I took out of a post, and some things that just makes me scratch my head and say, “Huh?” Here’s an example, pulled right out of the scrap pile:

“…Because you’re feeling all good about your skinny jeans and how they fit just right, until you realize your skinnies are in the hamper and you’re in your relaxed fit jeans. 2013 is officially the Year of the Salad.”

As you might guess, that line didn’t make the cut for my New Years post. Cleaning out my drafts folder always makes for a good time.

So that’s what you can expect! Not my awkward outtakes, of course, but the other things I mentioned. I’m also working on something really, really cool I can’t mention on the blog yet. But take my word for it: it’s exciting. No, my novel hasn’t been accepted for publication or anything (in which case, I’d be typing in all-caps), but still! It’s ridiculously exciting proof that God has big, big plans for our lives beyond what we can imagine. Speaking of His big, big plans, that’s an upcoming blog post, too.

If you’d like a reminder sent to your email as soon as these posts are put on the internet for all to see (hence why I don’t share so many outtakes…), you can find a subscription box on the sidebar on the right of the page. Just type in your email address and BOOM. You can be among the first to see whatever pours out of my brain next.

Until then,


P.S. I know this was a short post, so to make up for it, please enjoy this picture of my sister’s guinea pig and me. Clearly, Toula adores me.



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