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Rebels by Jill Williamson

Earlier this month, I hosted a stop on a blog tour celebrating the release of Rebels. Today I’m sharing the full review.

The remnant of Glenrock has been scattered. But they are not beaten.

*This is the final book in the Safe Lands trilogy. Click here for my review of book one (Captives), and click here for my review of book two (Outcasts).


Mason and Levi now face liberation—one of the Safe Lands best-kept secrets. But even knowing the truth about liberation isn’t enough to save their family and friends. When Omar’s illness grows worse, Shaylinn’s unborn babies are in danger, and Jemma is selected as the new Safe Lands queen, all hope seems lost. But the rebels are making plans, and if they succeed, long-sought freedom and truth will finally come to those under the oppression of the government. But if they fail, death is immanent.

My Thoughts:

This trilogy started out strong in Captives, but it gets better with each book in the series.Rebels is a fast-paced,gripping journey with numerous twists that leave readers wondering if the secrets of the Safe Lands will ever be exposed. Through unexpected turns and moments that make you stop reading and stare at the page while you try to process the intensity of the story, Rebels is a thrilling end to Jill Williamson’s series.

There are themes of redemption, forgiveness, and unconditional love woven throughout the book,  but the characters never arrive at these themes the easy way…nor do they have all of the answers about life, God, or their seemingly impossible circumstances.This makes Mason, Levi, Omar, and the rest of the characters seem like real people, even though they’re living in a fictional world. A lot of time lapses in this third book, and many characters weave in and out of the story. But the results are absolutely incredible.

In Conclusion:

So after journeying through all three books in the series, would I recommend it? Absolutely. This is a series teens (guys and girls) will enjoy, yet it’s offers a complex storyline people beyond the teen years will enjoy, too. Jill Williamson doesn’t sugarcoat any details, meaning the story presents some of the grittiness of life in a straightforward way, yet she always shows the situations in light of a Biblical standpoint. This means, consequences happen, but so does forgiveness. And the ending? I can’t give away any details. But I will say I’m going to miss hanging out in such a well-crafted story world.

From the Back Cover:

The remnant of Glenrock has been scattered. But they are not beaten.

The Safe Lands have long kept the true meaning of Liberation secret from their people. But after being sentenced to Liberation themselves, Mason and Omar soon discover the truth.

Levi watched his brothers’ public sentencing and tries to hold out hope they are still alive, He is forced to focus his attention elsewhere, however, when his new wife, Jemma, is captured and made the Safe Lands’ newest Queen. His only choice to save Jemma may be to take up Omar’s old role of undercover vigilante, leading the rebels in their quest to overthrow the government. But will Levi’s new role be enough?

Meanwhile, Jemma’s sister, Shaylinn, is ready to give birth to the “Safe Lands’” children … but not even Ciddah is sure they can be delivered safely in the midst of a rebellion. And Mason must face the fact Omar’s illness could be fatal.

If they can all unite their efforts, together they may be able to expose the Safe Lands’ lies to the people. But if they fail, they will all surely die.

Author Bio:

Jill Williamson is a novelist, dreamer, and believer. Growing up in Alaska led to love books, and in 2010 her first novel, By Darkness Hid, won the Christy Award. She loves working with teenagers and gives writing workshops at libraries, schools, camps, and churches. Jill lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. Visit Jill online at

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