All of This

More to Reach for–Quote

It’s Monday, which means another All of This quote! It’s kind of like a puzzle; all of these little pieces fitting together to make the complete, big story…


I made this image waaaaaay back before I ever finished writing the first draft of the story. It was part of an inspiration board I had on Pinterest that I would look at whenever I needed some motivation to keep writing. I actually wrote the quote before I knew what scene it would be a part of. All I knew was that it was such a key theme of Sadie’s journey that it had to happen at some point.

And, honestly, haven’t we all felt this way before? Like you have no idea what’s next, you just know you have to believe there’s more to reach for? Like settling isn’t an option? That’s our Sadie. The how and why of that drive her journey forward.

So what’s something you’re choosing to believe today?

Me? I’m choosing to believe God is working even in the middle of something difficult. I’m choosing to believe He will glorify Himself in a particular area of my life, even when I have no idea how He plans to do it. Thankfully, I don’t have to reach out for God because He’s already here. But I’m reaching out to hold on to His promises, knowing He’s holding on to me.

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As always, thanks for joining me on this adventure!

In His love,



3 thoughts on “More to Reach for–Quote”

    1. I’ve got a whiteboard full of those for my next project ;)
      It’s like, “Ooooh, that’ll really be all emotion-causing.” But I just don’t know how yet…
      And thank you!


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