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Why Would I–Quote

It’s Monday (for a tiny bit longer…), which means it’s quote day! I honestly forgot it was Monday in all of the excitement and busyness of VBS week at church, school preparations (figuring out a class schedule, for one thing), and other stuff. Plus, sometimes all you want to do is come home and sit on your couch and stare at the wall for a minute to regroup. And as thrilling as that is, it doesn’t accomplish a whole lot.

Today’s quote from the forthcoming YA novel All of This features our girl Sadie grappling with the idea of trusting in a God who doesn’t seem to care. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, from our limited perspective, it’s difficult to see how God can really work all things together for good. Sometimes, when you turn on your TV or open your internet browser or just step outside your front door, you wonder where God could possibly be in all of this.

That’s real stuff. And although I approach it all from a different angle than Sadie because we’re different people (Oh, you know what I mean), I’ve definitely had moments where I drop my head into my hands and say, “God, where are You at? Everything seems to be spiraling out of control right now.”

So I’ll leave you with a quote that lets you peak inside Sadie’s heart a little bit, but I also want to leave you with a couple questions to roll around in your mind and heart: When was a time when didn’t want to listen to God telling you to trust Him, but you did it anyway? How did it turn out? Or if you’re not a believer, when was a time you desperately wanted to trust God, and what held you back from trusting Him?



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