All of This


FIRST: I’ve seen the cover and interior proofs of the book! I KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!

(I really  dislike using more than one exclamation point in a row because it’s overkill, so me using three in a row proves my excitement)


I still need to officially approve this stuff, but I have it and it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to show you.

Now, let me calm down…

Okay. Time for another Monday quote from the book-that-now-has-a-face for your reading pleasure:


And some thoughts on it:

For Sadie, the main character in All of This, she pays attention to eyes.  When you read the book, you’ll notice she comments on people’s eyes a lot; whether it’s just eye color or something deeper. There’s a reason for this, even though I didn’t originally start the story knowing why. But she’s an analyzer. She’s seen more than her share of the world, and her experiences are like a filter she uses to figure people out.

So. A question for you. Think it over and feel free to share your answer in the comments:

What’s something you always pay attention to in others? Why? What does that trait tell you about people?

Me? I love eyes, too. Sadie and I aren’t even close to being the same person, but that’s something we have in common. Often, eyes are the key feature that stand out to me after I meet a person. As someone who likes to try to figure people out (in a totally non-creepy way, of course), I pay attention to eyes. Sometimes eyes give away exactly what someone’s thinking or feeling. Other times, you have to look harder. I refuse to quote the eyes-are-the-window-to-the-soul thing (oh, wait…), but they really do let you see people’s emotions, struggles, joys, etc.

Thanks for checking in! I’ve pulled a bunch of quotes for future posts already, and some of them are…random. So check back next Monday for more!

– Anna

P.S. !!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Eyes–Quote”

  1. EEEEP! I can’t wait to see it!

    Also, the eyes thing. Remember dear old Hope from my story Different? Eyes were her thing, too. So you already know my thoughts on that. ;) I totally get it. And now I really can’t wait to “meet” Sadie!


    1. HOPE! Yes, I do remember her! I really enjoyed her story. What is she up to these days?
      Sadie wants to meet you, too. I think we’ve been blog friends even longer than Sadie’s been around…so it’s about time you two meet :)


  2. I can’t wait!! I am so excited for you!!! I agree about the ‘eye’ thing…but I do not focus so much on eyes when I see someone in person, I feel like I can tell a lot about how someone is feeling when I look at their eyes in a picture. I have looked at a lot of eyes in pictures and thought that person has a smile but they do not look happy or I see a person and their eyes tell me they are overjoyed! I am not sure if I am always right but it is just something I have done. (if you look at my eyes you have to remember sometimes it is just allergies;) ) Cindy


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