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Today’s quote is brought to you by someone other than Sadie! She needed a break, so we’re meeting another character from the story. This one comes from Becca. She’s one of the first people Sadie meets when she moves across the country to spend a summer with relatives in Georgia. In many ways Becca is the opposite of Sadie, which means we get to experience some good conflict (good for the story  – bad for the characters!). Whereas Becca is reserved and quiet, Sadie is completely tell-it-like-it-is. Becca is also super sweet-hearted and kind. But bless her heart if she isn’t hopelessly cheesy at times.

I love this girl. She’s actually the main character in the first novel I ever started writing (beginning when I was around 14), and she’s made an appearance in other things I’ve written. She’s fun to get to know, and I hope when you read All of This  you’ll agree.

So here are  her thoughts on love…


Questions to think about: What is our world/culture/society’s definition of love? Is this different than the love God gives us and the love we’re supposed to show others?  How? Do you agree with Becca about real love never expiring?

P.S. Things are rolling right along on the production end. I was on vacation last week (beach!), so this week I’ve gotta read through everything and approve the proofs of the book. After this stage, it moves to the printer! I’ll share the cover and the official back cover info and some larger excerpts very , very soon.



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