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Monday Equals Quote Day…And Announcements

Monday equals All of This Quote Day! But today it also equals some other cool stuff first. Read on…

1) I’m recording another vlog! If you’re a long-time reader, you may remember when I did one of these two years ago for my second blogiversary. I just rewatched it and cringed through the whole thing. That’s not even what my voice sounds like, you guys. I’m almost never that calm. But good times, good times. I was talking about writing in general in that one, but this time it’ll be specifically about All of This.

But I need your help! In the video, I’ll answer questions I’ve been asked about the story, where ideas came from, etc. I have a little list, but I still have room for more. So if there’s something you’d like me to talk about, let me know today or tomorrow!

2) We now have a Facebook page, folks. It’s a place where I’ll share updates and excerpts and announcements and whatever else. If you’re on Facebook, come join us! You  can find the link on the right-hand sidebar.

3) A WEBSITE IS COMING! My marketing people (man, that sounds official) are building one. We have a domain name, and the site will launch when the book releases. That’s exciting.

4) Also coming: the cover reveal! I’d love to get some other people on board with this, so if you have a blog  and you’d like to help share the cover on reveal day, contact me and we’ll set something up! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter people are also welcome to join in on the fun, too. Just use the “Contact Me”  tab at the top of the page.

5) I’ve got a couple non-book related blogs I’ll be working on soon, too. I know, it’s been a while. But there’s a lot of  non-book related stuff I’m living these days that I want to share about. So stay tuned!

6) And now for the All of This quote! Or more like a chunk. It’s a meaty little excerpt. It’s also really deep, so I wanna give a little context.

This is one of the first quotes I wrote for the story, even before I had it all planned out. It’s been around for a few years, but has remained almost entirely unchanged through all of the rewrites and everything. It happens at the very beginning of the story, in the opening scene when Sadie first sees the aunt and uncle she’ll be living with for the summer…


Clearly, this book deals with lots of emotions. And makes this writer drink lots of coffee.

But for all the serious moments, there’s some light stuff, too. And I can’t wait to show you.

Come back Friday for the Q&A video!

– Anna


4 thoughts on “Monday Equals Quote Day…And Announcements”

  1. Ooooh…getting closer!

    I don’t blog anymore, nor do I have Facebook, Instagram, or really Twitter. I have Google+ and Pinterest though, if those would be of any help. :)

    But alas and alack! My usually extremely curious brain cannot seem to think of very many questions. It must be because I’m sick. Sniff. But here’s what I have:

    1. What’s the part of Sadie’s personality most different from yours?
    2. What’s one scene from the story you wish you could live? (Unless, of course, there would be spoilers.)
    3. What’s Sadie’s favorite color?

    Looking forward to the Q&A video! :)


    1. I’d still love your help! Do you still have the same email address? If so, I can email you the info closer to time, if you want :)

      I’m so sorry to hear your sick and I hope you feel better soon! Not a fun way to spend the summer :/

      But what fun questions! Thank you! I was actually trying to remember the answer to #3 the other day, and I totally blanked on it…so I’ll do some research before I shoot the video Wednesday ;)


      1. Yep, I have the same email. :)

        Glad you like them! I totally understand about forgetting the details like that, though. I usually don’t make them up until the moment I need them, and then I forget to write them down somewhere I won’t forget.


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