All of This

All of This–Q&A

*Really quickly: THE COVER REVEAL is happening Monday and I absolutely cannot wait for you to see it! One of my favorite people is premiering it on her blog, but stop by here on Monday and I’ll link to it. A few other people will be sharing it on their social media, and it would be awesome if you want to spread it around too. Yay!

Okay, continue on…

It’s here! The All of This Q&A video, in which I…

1) READ THE BACK COVER OF ALL OF THIS! It’s like the world premier of the back cover. Excitement!

2) Talk about how much of the story is from my real, actual life.

3) Use the phrase “good-lookin’ boy.” Because I’m hopelessly southern.

4) Understand why the Lord never answered my prayer to be on Disney Channel. I thrive in front of a computer…and not a camera.

5) And much more.

So here it is!


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