All of This

All of This is Here!

Totally having one of those “Is this really my life, because this is way too cool!” kinds of days because after years of dreaming, praying, and waiting…All of This is here! Watch the video for details, then order your copy today from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, etc!

Completely by His grace and for His glory,


5 thoughts on “All of This is Here!”

  1. Just got it on Kindle. Eep! So exciting! I just got back from the trip and I’m sorting through everything, but I should be able to start this super soon. :)


    YAYAYAYAY!! Hugs and congrats for the big day!


    1. It released about a month earlier than I thought it would! I was so surprised when the publisher called me and let me know it was here! I hope you enjoy the story! It’s been such a whirlwind week with all of the release stuff. I’ve been meaning to respond to your email, so I’m gonna go do that right now :)


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