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“Remind Her”–Quote

If you haven’t heard by now…All of This is here! You can purchase an ebook or print copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc! Click on the “All of This – a YA Novel” link on the top banner for more info! Copies of the book have been showing up on people’s doorsteps, and it’s so much fun whenever someone sends me a picture of the book.

So today is quote day. Now that you all  can read the story, I thought it’d be fun to make it like a scavenger hunt. I’ll give the quote, but I won’t tell you who says it, when they say it, or why they say it. See if you can find it in the story as you read!

P.S. I love this quote. It’s so sweet.


Isn’t that just awwwww?  My goodness.

Come back Friday, when I’ll share the playlist for All of This!

– Anna


7 thoughts on ““Remind Her”–Quote”

  1. Found it! :) Actually, I didn’t even remember the quote while I was reading…but I immediately recognized it this time. It’s Kurt to Sadie, “her” in reference to Melina. And that’s all the details I’ll give for sake of spoiler-free-ness.

    Really enjoyed the book, and I have to say I spent half the time going, “Woah. She wrote this girl?” and the other half going, “Okay, that humor. I totally know that humor.” ;)


    1. BINGO! That’s who said it! And yeah, I guess the context could be a little spoiler-y. Haha

      You know what? My mom said something similar when she first read the story. She said she would forget I was the one who’d written it…until she got to some of the humor, or something else that just seemed really “Anna.” Sadie is very much her own person and definitely made me step out of my comfort zone in order to figure her out, but it’s definitely still from my imagination ;)


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