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The All of This Playlist and a Quote

Over on the Facebook page Friday, I shared a video about the playlist for All of This. Ever since I started writing the story, I’ve had a list of songs tacked up on my wall that inspired me as I wrote. If the book were a movie, these are the songs that would play throughout the story. They’re really great songs, whether you’ve already read the book, or you’re waiting for some free time to read (I hear ya).

Speaking of reading: If you’ve read All of This, would you do me a HUGE favor by leaving a quick, honest rating/review on the site you bought it from? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WestBow, or even a combo of all of them is great. Reviews and ratings are crucial to a book’s success because they help the book to be seen by more people. They’re not even for me to read, but they help out a TON.

Honestly, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to publish another novel (one I’m working on now, actually), but the success of All of This dictates if/when I’ll be able to do that. So reviews and spreading the word about the book really do mean a lot to me.


And a quote for your Monday:


This quote is from the scene in which we get to meet Truitt. Not gonna lie, I love this character for many reasons, even if Sadie is annoyed just by breathing the same air as the guy. That’s one of the things that proves Sadie and I are not at all the same person. I mean, I would want this boy to ask me to coffee if he were a few years older, a few inches taller…and real. Minor discrepancies. Hashtag book crush.


What do you think of the playlist? Do you connect with any of those songs like I do? If you’ve read the book, do any particular scenes/themes pop into your head when you hear the songs (no spoilers for the people still trying to find some reading time)?

I’ll be back soon with another blog post! I’m actually moving to school tomorrow, so the schedule for the blog might be kind of iffy until I get settled in. And yes, I would be asking myself why I am subjecting myself to more school, except this is what the Lord is leading me to do, so I’m embracing it and loving it and excited to see what He has planned for this new chapter in my life. Life is such an adventure, and I’ll gladly go where He leads.

For His glory,



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