Life in a Crock-Pot

It’s no secret how much I love my crock-pot. I have no shame in saying I’m obsessed. I always tell people that if I didn’t have actual human beings for friends, this thing would be my BFF. I dump ingredients into it in the morning and set how long I want it to cook, then by the time I come home later that day, I have a home cooked meal and I haven’t even worked hard for it. This is how you win.lifeinacrockpotimage

There’s nothing like opening my apartment door after a day of lectures and studying to be greeted with the fragrance of spices, veggies, chicken, and whatever else I’ve tossed in there.

So. Good.

My crock-pot cooks everything from chili, to creamy baked spaghetti (don’t even get me started on how wonderful it is when you add cream cheese to noodles and sauce), to soup, to BBQ…the list goes on.

See why I’m a fan?

But there’s a catch. It’s a slow cooker. That means it cooks food – you guessed it – slowly. It’s not like a microwave, where you pop a Hot Pocket in there for a minute and your food is ready. Nope. A crock-pot takes time.

Sometimes when I’m home while the crock-pot is being a chef so I can  be lazy do other things, I walk into the kitchen just to see how it’s doing.

One of my favorite foods to make is chicken ‘n dumplings, which smells amazing as it’s cooking. It’s so tempting to take off the lid and taste just a little bit of it. I’ve come so close sometimes, but then I’ve stopped myself.

Why? Because even though it may have been cooking for a couple of hours already, the chicken is still raw. The carrots are still crunchy, and the biscuits are gooey. Even though it might smell good, it would taste awful and probably make me sick.

Plus, when I use my crock-pot, I’m usually feeding other people, so I have to have enough for the people I’ve invited over to eat (I’m in the South. If you promise chicken ‘n dumplings, you deliver chicken ‘n dumplings. Don’t mess with our chicken ‘n dumplings).

It’s a lesson in self-control, yeah. But more than that, it teaches me to wait. To be patient and not rush the process because the results are completely worth it.

So what are you waiting on today?

Friendship? A relationship? A job? Graduation?

Maybe you’ve been praying for a really long time that the waiting will finally end.

God, I just really want a friend who understands me….

Lord, my biggest dream is to be married but guys don’t even give me the time of day…

I just want to be finished with school…

I can’t focus on where I’m at right now because I want what’s next so badly…

But God still hasn’t ended the waiting.

Maybe you’re not waiting for something to begin, but to end. The season of life you’re in is just really, really hard and it leaves you discouraged and you wonder when God will bring you out of it. That’s painful waiting, too.

Psalm 27:14 tells us this:

“Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

Notice how patiently is mentioned twice. We have to pay attention to that. Patience and bravery and courage aren’t easy, but look at the very last part of the verse: the Lord. He’s the key. He’s our source of patience and bravery and courage.

When we’re in a time of waiting, the best thing to do is to focus on the Lord. I think sometimes that’s even why He makes us wait – so that we will focus our hearts on Him and look to Him in every moment, instead of whatever we’re waiting on.

So while you’re waiting, remember you’re not alone because God is with you. Remember you don’t have to figure everything out because He already has a plan. Remember He sees you, knows you, and loves you.

Waiting is tough, I know. I’m waiting for the Lord in a situation right now. Honestly?  It’s like I’m living in a crock-pot. Like my crock-pot, if I try to rush the process, I’ll end up in a mess. If I don’t let the food cook, it won’t be the best meal it can be. If I try to rush ahead of God’s timing, I’ll miss the opportunity to rely on the Lord and let Him grow me (slowly) into a person that knows Him more and reflects Him. Whatever I do on my own will be nothing compared to what He has planned already to bring glory to Himself.

If I eat raw chicken, it’ll hurt me. And if I eat too much too early, it’ll keep me from having the opportunity to share some with others. Even when God seems slow to you, don’t try to speed things up on your own. Not only will that rob you of the joy and peace you learn in seasons of waiting when you have to rely on God, it’ll also rob you of the chance to tell others how you saw God working in the waiting. How close He felt.

What can we know for sure when it feels like we’re living in a crock-pot? God has a plan, and it’s a very good plan.

Trust Him in the waiting.

Let’s talk: Are you currently waiting on the Lord? What is something you’ve learned in the past when you were waiting? Aren’t chicken ‘n dumplings awesome? (That last question is rhetorical. Of course they’re awesome).


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