Running Mascara by Tiffany Wasson


“Do you find yourself running the hamster wheel of trying to be the perfect Christian?”

My Thoughts:

If you’ve ever fallen into the pit of perfectionism, or if you currently find yourself trying to climb out of it, Tiffany Wasson will be the friend who cheers you on toward freedom.

In Running Mascara: Embracing the Beauty of an Imperfect Church, Wasson candidly shares her own journey of seeking perfection. She doesn’t shy away from admitting the path hasn’t been easy, but she also doesn’t hesitate to share the grace she found…or rather, the Grace that found her.

Even though Tiffany Wasson’s personal story is different from mine, it is still relatable. Because of her transparency, it’s easy to see pieces of myself in the book, and the reflection questions at the end of each chapter give readers a chance to think even more about their own lives. There’s even a discussion guide at the end of the book for deeper reflection or group discussion.

One of Running Mascara’s strengths is the use of Scripture throughout. It fits with the theme of learning we are all broken and Christ is the only One who can glue us together again. We need His Word to heal, and we need reminders that Scripture addresses all of our fears, inadequacies, and doubts if we just spend time meditating on them.

While the majority of the book is a look at Wasson’s personal journey to find freedom from perfectionism, she also talks about the need for the church to embrace the beauty found in knowing yes, believers are broken, but it’s beautiful when we allow Christ to shine His glory through our brokenness.

I recommend this book for older teens and adults who need a beautiful reminder that grace is here and freedom is possible.

From the Back Cover:

When most people meet Jesus for the first time, they are wild and free, passionate and ready to embrace their Savior, which also means coming face-to-face with their brokenness. They are not ashamed to admit that they need Jesus to fix them. However, over time in their Christian walk, they start to forget the simple fact that all people are shattered glass and in constant need for Jesus to be the glue to hold them together. They start to play God and fashion themselves to be a perfect picture of what they think a Christian should look like in order to fit into the kingdom of God and do His work.

The danger in this downward spiral is that not only does it cause Christ followers to fall because they are trying to fix themselves, but it also keeps new people from coming into the kingdom of God. Nonbelievers may feel as if they are not good enough. Playing the perfect Christian or church is a dangerous playground. The bride of Christ must embrace its constant need for the Savior so that more people will fall in love with Him, the one who seeks the broken to heal them and set them free.

Do you find yourself running the hamster wheel of trying to be the perfect Christian? Are you exhausted and feel like if you let your foot slip just once, you will disappoint Jesus and turn the church away from your side? Trust me when I say that you can be free from the vicious cycle of perfectionism. Are you ready to embrace your brokenness and your constant need for a Savior? Only by learning this truth will you truly be set free. Freedom is near. Can you feel it?

About the Author:

47bcea_db62fd3db9074d57ab6b44a9c8ee6337Tiffany Wasson has been in ministry in some form or fashion since she was 14 years old. Her journey started out at Lighthouse Christian Broadcasting in Saint Marys, Georgia, as a youth leader, on air minister, and radio show host. Currently, she resides in Augusta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. In her daily life she likes to write, run, and laugh as much as possible. Overall she is passionate about helping the church in any way that she can, especially youth groups. She longs to see the next generation constantly looking to Jesus, the author and perfector of their faith (Hebrews 12:2).


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