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Friends! In celebration of the first birthday of All of This, I want to share something with you.

Below, you’ll find a deleted scene from All of This. The scene takes place during Sadie’s first night in Georgia – it fits in at the end of chapter 2.

I love this scene because of how it lets you see a little more of Kurt’s and Melina’s personalities and the way they interact with each other. I also love the way it shows how grumpy  and spoiled Marigold – Melina’s cat – truly is…and how he basically decides Sadie is his arc-nemesis.

It’s a really fun scene, but I had to cut it from the book in order to keep the story flowing at a good pace. Only a few people have seen it before now.

Click the link below to read the scene:

Schaeffer_All of This_Deleted Scene_Marigold

P.S. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more All of This birthday surprises this week!



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