Europe Travel Journal

The Cliffs of Moher – Europe Journal Part 6

Sunday night, June 18


The Cliffs of Moher – whoa. I hope I never forget the impression they had on me when I first reached the edge and looked over for the first time.


I was a little bit out of breath from the climb, but the view took the rest of my breath away. My heartbeat quickened and I felt tears in my eyes. Because God did that because He wanted to. Even erosion can ultimately be redeemed into something for His glory. That’s what all of it is all about, anyway. 


Over here in Ireland, I get the feeling that nature remembers its purpose. 


Unlike us, nature doesn’t forget it was created to declare the glory of the Lord. It just does it naturally.


It’s intrinsic and, even with the corruption of the Fall, it does not need to be reminded to display beauty. 


And the cliffs? I’ve been able to see many beautiful sights of over the years, and this one lies toward the top. 


Thank you, Father, for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


This post is part of my travel journal from my time in Europe. To read the previous entries, follow the links below:


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