All About Anna

I’m Anna: a writer, reader, dreamer, & listener. A lover of laughter, friendship, random adventures, & bread. I’m also the author of All of This, a YA novel. Spend a couple seconds with me on my blog and you’ll learn I’m crazy about purpose, authenticity, and life lived with intention. I’m learning to live by God’s grace & for His glory. Hang around for a minute – I’d love to get to know you!

The “official” version:

Anna Schaeffer holds a degree in English from Georgia Regents University and was a finalist in the WestBow Press New Look Writing Contest. Anna lives in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia, where she serves in church ministry and writes stories that inspire teen girls to embrace God’s purpose for their lives. She’s also into laughter, random adventures, and all things bread-related. Find Anna on social media and hang out with her online at


11 thoughts on “All About Anna”

  1. where are you in you picture where you are sipping you tea? the floor looks pink and really cute:) (and you do too with you pinkie in the air! ha ha!)


  2. I laugh a lot, too. And I crack up whenever someone pronounces pecan as “puh-kahn.” And…I’m observant in that kind of way, too. I miss the completely obvious stuff but notice the stuff most people don’t. I’m convinced that’s why I like photography and one of the reasons I like writing. :D


    1. The only time I say “puh-kahn” is when I’m talking about butter pecan ice cream or some fancy dessert, Otherwise, it’s always “pea-can.” Always.
      I think that, in the long run, all of those observations will really pay off in writing. Although it would be nice if I could pick up on the obvious stuff a little more often ;)


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