My Kind of Average

Well, I Ain’t Been Bloggin’ In a While…

..But it’s okay, because I’ve been doing important stuff, like staying up ‘til super early in the morning in order to keep from failing in school…and life. Actually, I don’t even have time to sit and write a “proper” blog entry right now, because I think I’m actually gonna go to bed before midnight! Whooohooo!!! I’m so tired, I think I’m delirious. Scratch that. I’m beyond delirious. To prove my point: I spelled delirious correctly the first time I typed it, but it took me three attempts and spell check to get it right the second time. And no, I did not think of looking at how I had just spelled it. Don’t judge. Anyways….goodnight people of the Internet. I only hope you’re able to put yourselves to bed sometime in the very near future, otherwise you’ll end up in the pitiful condition in which I currently find myself. Tomorrow I’ll probably be embarrassed by this, but tomorrow is a new day, and right now it is tonight. Whatever.



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