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I was eighteen and afraid of my own voice. What could I possibly have to say that mattered? Why would people spend time listening to me  when there are so many, many people better at what they do? Who would care about the random adventures of my life, the specific ways God reminds me I’m loved , or the life lessons I run into?

As it turned out, people cared.

When I stuck my first blog post out there on the internet, I was so nervous. I didn’t even tell anyone I had a blog until I had several posts written. Even then, my mom and my grandparents were my main readers.

But slowly and steadily, the list of readers grew. At about the same pace, I grew into who I am as a writer. I found my voice on this blog. I learned how I respond to things with words. I learned technical stuff like pacing and stylistic choices and all of that, but I also learned how to spell my heart.

For the past nearly-five years, I’ve used this space on the internet like a journal. I had no specific audience in mind – my words were just out there. It’s how I have so many wonderful supporters from all different ages and places. I love that.

This blog has watched me grow up over the past few years. It’s been a natural growth. A lot of growth  happens when you’re not even realizing it. But sometimes growth is intentional. It stretches you and challenges you and might give you growing pains, but it’s all very good and necessary.

You’re going to notice a few changes on the blog in the coming months.

Like I said, I’ve never had a target audience before, but now I do. Now I have a book out there for girls in the middle-high school age range, and I want them to have a place to come, hang out, and drink in truth.

That’s absolutely what I hope this blog already is. I just want to focus in on those of you who are in this group of people.

Here are some questions you might have:

Q: Can I still read the blog if I’m not a teen girl?
A: Absolutely! Please do! It’s not going to be a dramatic change in content, and it’s not going to turn super girly on you (I can’t stand lipstick, so no “makeup and inner beauty” posts. Although as you long-time readers have learned, I am actively involved in the ongoing leggings-as-pants conversation).

Q: What’s going to change?
A: The blog’s content will be written with a specific group in mind, including the books I review on the blog. This also means shorter, more frequent posts (grad student life permitting) that can be read more quickly  while still speaking truth or fangirling over my crock pot and all of that.

Q: What’s not going to change?
A: How I write. My ultimate goal in bringing God glory in what I write. This blog itself. It’ll still be the same space, and all of the past five years’ worth of posts are still here for you to read and me to facepalm over. It’s still me, and it’s not a change in who I am, it’s just writing with a specific audience in mind.

It also means some behind-the-scenes work is going to happen, like updating post categories, getting tags in order (meaning, actually using them), design adjustments, all of that good stuff.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: I’m so glad you asked ; ) If you’re a teen girl, I hope you’ll keep reading and giving me feedback on how I can better connect with you. I also hope you’ll share the blog with your friends. If you’re not a teen girl, please keep hanging around! And please share the blog with any teen girls in your life.

This will be a gradual shift, and I’m gonna have to learn and grow with it. We can grow into this rhythm together.

You all are so dear to me, and I appreciate each one of you. I wanted to make sure I kept all of you in the loop because your support on this journey means more than I can tell you. For all of the time you invest in reading the blog and all of the prayers you’ve prayed for my life and ministry, I sincerely thank you.

And now for some book news:
You may have heard I’m in the middle of writing my next book! I usually give people more details when I talk to them in person, but I figured you’d want an actual on-the-record update.

I’m officially writing a sequel to All of This. And it officially has a name (hey, I’ve gotta keep some things a secret…). No updates yet on when it’ll be released, but the whole thing is outlined and I’m slowly writing my way through it. This story is the toughest one I’ve written – there are so many details and deep moments and emotions in this thing. And also some humor because I’m Anna and she’s Sadie and that’s just what we do.

So thank you for hanging around for this post! I’ll be back soon!

P.S. I’m planning something fun for the blogiversary…come back  for that, too!

Always and only for His glory,

Anna Schaeffer


2 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. What a blessing when some certainties in our walk become clear. He’s loving you and using you! Praise the Name of The Lord!


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