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And So Her Story Goes…

It’s been way too long! I think the last post happened almost two months ago – back in April. Since then, so much has happened. Below are some major (“major” being subjective) life events that have taken place since the last post in the order they occurred.

  • Birthday!

Yes, I finally left my teenage years behind. Someone forgot to pass the memo onto my complexion, but that’s a whole other issue, so we’ll move on…Being 20 (I still shudder a little when I admit that), doesn’t feel that different from being 19. At least, not yet. Who knows what experiences I’ll have by the time my next birthday rolls around. This year I discovered for the first time that my birthday (May 4) is also Star Wars day. I’ve decided this is the reason my birth isn’t celebrated nation-wide. Apparently Star Wars is a big deal. So as people were going around saying stuff like “May the fourth be with you” (clever, I’ll admit), I was all like, “Hey y’all, aren’t you glad Anna is with you?” But whatever. My birthday was fantastic, despite the fact that it also happened to be on the first day of final exams. I was reminded that I have some great friends and family members…who still remember the true significance of May 4.

  • End of Sophomore Year!

This is also a big deal, because it means I’m about to be a JUNIOR in COLLEGE! What in the WORLD?!? Time’s flying, folks. Freshman orientation took place on campus today, so a friend and I decided to investigate. We were so stealthy and we “accidentally” ran into a few people we knew. Fun stuff, but it made us feel old. It’s been two years since my orientation, and although that’s not an experience I’d like to repeat, it was still nice to think back on the good ol’ days. When I began college, I had this mindset that I’d step on campus and change the world—or at least make As in all of my classes. Um, right. I’ve learned a lot since those days. But I was also reminded of how much funner (I’m sure English majors everywhere are so proud to count me as one of their own) college is than I thought it’d be.

  • Read the Hunger Games Trilogy!

Immediately after my final final (within a few hours, actually) I finally got caught up on some reading. This was the first time I’d ever read something just because everyone else was reading it. Since I caved into peer pressure by reading the books, I also watched the movie and decided I like to discuss it (i.e. share my opinions). It’s given me plenty of conversation starters, that’s for sure. I love talking not only about the characters, but other college-y stuff like symbols, themes, social/political commentary, and the fact that no form of religion is present in the books. Panem could really use some Jesus.

  • Summer School!

Yes, the phrase “summer school” has always sounded gross to me, but I just concluded one of my favorite semesters ever. After a brief, four day break, I headed back to school for two more classes. For five weeks, I went to school every day to work on my writing skills and play some fun games. Plus, my Creative Writing professor baked for us every Friday. If you must take a summer course, find a professor who brings you cookies. Makes all the difference.

  • Speaking of Writing…

My writing life has kind of dominated these past several weeks. When I wasn’t writing for class, I was working on my book. I feel like the class has taught me some valuable stuff I’ll definitely incorporate into my work. Half the time, I feel like I’m in over my head with my little project. Like the other night, for some ridiculous,obscure reason, I realized I had to change a character’s name. It’s not the main character, but it’s still someone pretty important. I had built the entire character around this name, and it seemed perfect. But then, when I realized I needed to change it, I spent several days trying to come up with something else. It finally hit me one night, and ended up working way better than the old name since it actually plays a big part in the plot. I just have to get used to referring to the character by something new. Every day, a little progress is made. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. In short, I’ve learned this journey’s gonna be tough, but not impossible. If God’s called me to write, I’ve got to believe He will equip me with whatever kind of skills, patience, caffeine intake, etc. that I need.

So there’s a very brief summary of my summer so far. I had to force myself to forget I had a blog during all of the busyness, but now I’m back. Hopefully, I’ll be back more often, because I love doing this. Check back soon for the next piece of my life story!

In desperate need of some sunshine,



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