Christmas, My Kind of Average

Bonus Post-Christmas Post!

SURPRISE!!! Okay, so I know I’m supposed to be on blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks, but I just felt the need to check in with y’all before we ring in 2013 with sparkling grape juice and assorted cheeses.

How was your Christmas? Mine was fabulous. Here’s a picture taken last week, showing just a little of my excitement (my mom’s cat just doesn’t get into the Christmas spirit quite like I do. He’s saying, “Whaaat?”):


See those rockin’ reindeer antlers? Made ‘em myself. 

On Christmas Eve, my family went to my grandparents’ church for their annual candlelight service. We then went to their house to have dinner and exchange gifts with the cousins. One of my cousins is always concerned about my single status (I know it’s hard to believe, but Prince Charming has yet to come to his senses and realize I’m the sprinkles to his Christmas cookie, the cinnamon to his cider, the…you get the idea), so this year he got me a “date” for Christmas. Actually, he got me several “dates.” Yay for options!

To clarify, the kind of date he brought me is some sort of fruit thing. I had to Google it in order to tell you that much. For future reference, don’t search “What is a date?” because Google will take pity on you and offer suggestions in case “you are a woman who is feeling lonely and is tired of being so.” Thanks but no thanks.

My cousin joked about putting them in the microwave so I could have a “hot date.” Ha. But he did assure me they were not cheap dates.

Here’s a picture of  my dates and me:


Awwww! So cute. They look like little smoky sausages, but they don’t taste like that. Nope. If you find yourself under the mistletoe and your date is edible…bad news for your date. Good thing we don’t have any of that hanging around.

After our annual epic wrapping paper fight and a video of my pastor grandfather’s face superimposed into a cartoon version of “Gangnam Style” (I’ll never be the same), my family went home and I got to help build an easel for my littlest sister. You see, Santa delivers gifts to us, but he doesn’t assemble them. I’m all for enjoying the finished product, but building things isn’t really my thing.

Speaking of Little Sis, it’s so fun experiencing the season through the eyes of a2 1/2 year old. The only downside to that is the fact that she was up kind of early, so we had to be up, too.

“We so excited, aren’t we?” She asked as I fumbled my way into the foyer. A.K.A. the Holding Chamber, where we waited for my parents to find the video camera.

“Yes, we so excited,” I replied, reminding myself of Rebecca Black in her “Friday” video. There’s a song full of cheer.

I threw my hair in one of my signature buns and even slid on a headband since it was such a special day and everything (see above picture). Then I made sure I looked at least somewhat human for the sake of the pictures that would inevitably find their way to Facebook before the wrapping paper was thrown away.

Nerd alert: My favorite gift is my new bookcase. I had several little ones, but my paperback best friends really needed to be together. Not just for their own sakes, but so I could just stare at them and feel really happy. I’m currently loaning out several books, so my babies weren’t all together on Christmas. But I had to do what was best for the family as a whole, so we made the move to their new home without the others. They will have a nice surprise waiting for them once they finish bringing joy to those who are borrowing them.

I need therapy.

Want to see? Here’s a picture:


It’s sorted by middle grade, young adult, adult, and Bible study material. I also like to have them arranged at least somewhat by height, but that involved shelving my book on doctrine next to The Hunger Games trilogy, and I just didn’t feel right about that.

Isn’t my wall vibrant? If a tennis ball and a highlighter were to produce acrylic-based offspring, this would be the result. It was brighter than I anticipated when I painted it last summer, but by the time I realized that, I had already inhaled enough fumes to alter my mental state. Plus, I wasn’t up for a repaint. But it’s grown on me. Like a radioactive fungus. Just kidding. It fits my personality somehow, and I like it.

I also got a box of Lisa Frank bandages. With stickers for customization purposes. How sweet is that? Long live my 90s kid childhood! Behold:


Okay, so one last picture. This is a Willow Tree figurine called “Love of Learning.” See how she’s appreciating that book of hers? Sometimes I do that, too. You know, hold it close, sigh, and say, “You are just so wonderful!” Which is sometimes  followed by me tossing it across the room and wailing, “I’ll never be able to write like that!” But that’s beside the point. Here she is, photo-bombed by Snow White in the back right corner:


And finally…

Whether you’re still riding on a high of Christmas cheer and peace on earth, or rolling down the stairs in your elastic-waist pants, here’s a little something to finish 2012 off strong. It’s Little Sis showing off some dance moves. If you’re curious, the music to which she grooves is my sister playing Chris Tomlin’s “Our God” on the guitar. I don’t know where she learned these moves from, but one thing’s for sure: it wasn’t me. Seriously, I still can’t even master “The Electric Slide,” and I’ve been to plenty of wedding receptions and youth retreats in my time.


If you happen to explore more of my Youtube channel…well, you’ve been warned ;)

Wouldn’t it be great if we all experienced Christmas—and life—like that? Oh, to be a two-year-old…

Have a blessed and Happy New Year, people! I’ll see you again on January 8th (which is the day before school starts back, but we won’t dwell on that yet)!

In His love,



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