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Hello, Monday! Y’all, this is the 10th quote I’ve posted, which means if you go back and read all of them, you’ll have a pretty solid introduction to the book if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet.

In today’s quote, we get some dialogue with Hansen. Hansen is one of those all-around Southern boy-types. He has moments where you look at him like, “Aww, he’s kind of sweet.” And then moments where you just tilt your head to the side, trying to figure the boy out because he’s one fry short of a Happy Meal.

So in today’s prime example, Sadie and Hansen have just met for the first time. He tells her the name Sadie means “princess,” and she’s impressed. Then he tells her how he knows that:


See? One fry short.

As posted on the Facebook page (if you haven’t liked the page yet, follow the link on the right sidebar because that’s where the most current info is posted), I’m building a launch team! What is a launch team, you ask? I answer:

Join the All of This launch team and help get the book into the hands of more readers! Spread the word and get some fun, free stuff as a thank you!
What you do: Commit to…
– Share quotes, posts, updates, etc.
– Leave quick, honest reviews – same review, just post on different sites.
– Talk about it
– Blog about it
– Buy copies to give to friends
– Hand out cards (I’ll send these to you)
– Pray
What you get: Bi-monthly newsletter including…
– Deleted scenes
– Behind-the-scenes info
– Special offers
– Sneak peeks about forthcoming books
– And more!
Want to join the team? Message me for more info!

P.S. “Pekinese” can also be spelled “Pekingese,” but they both refer to the little dog breed. The stuff you learn.


3 thoughts on ““Sadie”–Quote”

    1. You know it’s true! There’s also that time in class when he tells Sadie about his favorite organ…

      Awesome! Thanks! I’ll add you to my list. I’ll be sending out the newsletter next week (hopefully)!


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